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We are buyers of all types of engagement rings. All of our employees are GIA certified gemologists ready to guide you through the evaluation and selling process. We understand that selling your engagement ring can be a complicated and emotional process. Our services are professional, secure and completely confidential.

The rates we offer reflect our position as a large scale national diamond and jewelry supplier. By constantly monitoring market trends, we are able to offer the highest rates possible. Our reputation for providing greater value then other buyers has propelled our business into a leading national engagement ring buyer.

Selling Process

Transparency and great offers are the foundations of our success. Our national engagement ring buying process is detailed below. If you have an engagement ring to sell in South Florida you can meet with our gemologist in person through a free on-site or off-site consultation. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment.

Step 1: Contact us via phone, email or contact form
Step 2: Receive an initial estimate or offer from our gemologist (South Florida clients can meet with our gemologists in person)
Step 3: We provide free overnight shipping and insurance, allowing you to send your items to us.
Step 4: Our gemologists contact you with a final analysis and offer.
Step 5: Immediate payment is provided.

How your engagement ring is evaluated

All of our buyers have decades of engagement ring buying experience. When valuing your engagement ring we will provide detailed offers for all of its components. This enables you to verify that you are receiving the highest possible value for each element.

Center Diamond

The main diamond is typically the most valuable aspect of an engagement ring. This is why it is extremely important to make sure you sell your engagement ring to an experienced diamond expert. Your diamond’s color, cut, clarity and carat weight, along with other secondary factors such as fluorescence, will determine its value. If you diamond is certified by a gemological laboratory such as EGL, IGI, AGS, etc… we can provide you with an extremely accurate estimate prior to actually seeing the ring in person. GIA is the most reliable certification laboratory. The unrivaled accuracy of their diamond certificates allows us to make instant offers for GIA certified diamonds based solely on the information contained in their reports.

Learn all about the factors which determine your diamonds value in our diamond information center.

Accent Diamonds

Every diamond adds to the value of your engagement ring. Through an inspection of their size and quality we will determine their total value. We will provide individual offers for any accent diamonds above 0.15cts.

Metal Content

We take every measure possible to ensure that our offers for engagement rings are unbeatable. One way we achieve this is by offering the full melt value for the gold, platinum or silver content of any engagement rings which are shipped to us by clients. This means that we will offer you the same refinery values, around 98% scrap value, which jewelry stores and gold buyers receive when they sell their gold. As soon as the engagement ring has been received we will weigh its metal and inform you of the full melt value which we are receiving on that particular day.

Why sell your engagement ring to us?
Professional Associations

Sending a valuable piece of jewelry such as an engagement ring to a company is worrisome. You will want to be sure that the buyer you choose has a wide range of professional associations and affiliations to ensure their trustworthiness. We at SF Diamond Jewelry Buyers have a wide range of business associations including the Better Business Bureau, Jewelers Board of Trade and World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

Position in the Industry

We serve as a large scale supplier of diamonds and diamond jewelry to clients across the country. This enables us to sell all of the items we purchase directly to clients rather than flipping them to other dealers like most other national diamond buyers. This is reflected in the value we offer our customers. We also serve as a national buyer of secondhand engagement rings from jewelry stores, gold buyers and pawn shops across the country. We offer members of the public the same great values we offer our business customers when buying their used engagement rings.

Fluid Prices

The Diamond and Jewelry market is constantly evolving. We do not adhere to any price structures, meaning our offers take into account all current market trends, ensuring we are paying the most up to date values possible. Each day we reanalyze the diamond market and adjust our figures to reflect the most current value for a customer’s engagement ring.


Any qualified engagement ring buyer should have a wealth of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry. All of our buyers have completed the rigorous Gemological Institute of America gemology courses and have been working within the industry for decades.


We are a family business at heart, and consider customer satisfaction to be an essential component to our continued success as a company. We make the process of selling an engagement ring comfortable and secure.

If you have an engagement ring to sell in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, San Diego, Boston, Miami, Washington or any other US city contact us for an estimate.

You can sell all styles of engagement rings to S.F. Jewelry Buyers
  • Halo Style Engagement Rings
  • Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Three Stone Engagement Ring
  • Fancy Diamond Engagement Ring

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