Where can I sell my jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, FL? There are numerous jewelry buyers including jewelry stores, pawn shops, and cash for gold businesses. But, in the case of valuable pieces or a diamond, you will want to be sure that you choose the location which can offer the highest possible value. In order to achieve this, you will have to consider a number of factors. These consist of their position in the market, precious metal payouts, selling process and whether or not they are qualified diamond buyers.
Position in the market
Unlike most Fort Lauderdale jewelry buyers, we are a large scale jewelry and diamond supplier. Our clients include high end stores and individuals across the country. This enables us to offer top of the market prices when you sell an engagement ring or estate jewelry. Other Fort Lauderdale locations, such as gold buyers and retail stores, typically flip their jewelry purchases to the next rung in the buying ladder. By selling your diamond or fine jewelry to us, you would be cutting out the middle men and obtaining top of the market values.

Where is the best place to sell jewelry in Fort Lauderdale

Precious Metal Payouts
As diamond buyers, we are happy to offer full value (98.5%) for any gold or platinum which accompanies a diamond of 1/2 carat or larger. This means that, from us, you would be receiving a refinery level metal payout. A typical Fort Lauderdale jewelry buyer will only offer around 55%-70% of the metals melt value.
Selling Process
One of the factors which makes us the best place to sell jewelry in Fort Lauderdale is that we offer a no-obligation consultation service. This allows you to meet with our professional gemologist at your preferred location within Fort Lauderdale to receive a full analysis and offer. We are so confident in our ability to offer better values than any other jewelry or diamond buyers that we let all offers stand for one week. Allowing you to contemplate our offer and, should you decide to accept it, meet with our jewelry buyer again at a later date.
Qualified Diamond Buyers
A typical jewelry or gold buyer’s employee is unable to properly grade a diamond. All off our diamond and jewelry buyers are GIA certified gemologists with decades of experience. They are able to detail all of your diamonds major characteristics before presenting you with an offer. This makes us the best place to sell a diamond ring or engagement ring in Fort Lauderdale.
Sell Your Jewelry Today
Scheduling an appointment to sell your jewelry or sell your diamond in Fort Lauderdale is simple. Just call or fill out one of the quick estimate forms and our gemologist will arrange a consultation at your convenience. Our services are completely free and allow you to get a pressure free analysis of your jewelry and diamonds. Whether you want to sell a diamond ring, diamond earrings, estate jewelry or any other fine jewelry pieces in Fort Lauderdale, we would like to make you an offer!!!
If you have a diamond certificate, appraisal or any other document which details you jewelry’s or diamond’s characteristics, we may be able to provide you with an estimate prior to the actual consultation.