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by    |  July 18th, 2013

Diamonds are luxury items that retain their value People have a tendency to view diamonds as overpriced. This… READ MORE

by    |  June 14th, 2013

Diamonds are like cars, there are thousands of different types and models. Customers often ask us to estimate… READ MORE

by    |  May 6th, 2013

Diamonds Are Strong But Not Unbreakable Because of their natural hardness, many people assume that diamonds are virtually… READ MORE

by    |  March 23rd, 2013

Diamond Value Diamond value fluctuates in response to current market conditions. Unlike gold, which is a globally traded… READ MORE

by    |  March 16th, 2013

What are Inclusions? Inclusions are imperfections contained within a diamonds natural structure. They include cleavages, pinpoints, feathers, grain… READ MORE