Diamonds Are Not as Expensive as You Think
by    |  July 18th, 2013
Diamonds are luxury items that retain their value

People have a tendency to view diamonds as overpriced. This has been perpetuated by retail stores who are dishonest and overcharge their customers. But, when purchased for the right price a diamonds has the potential to be a bargain. Think about it, diamonds do not wear and their market value has continually grown over the last century.

Buying right

Decades ago the only place you could buy a diamond was a local retail store. Today, with the internet and expansion of wholesalers into the public sector your options have grown exponentially. This has caused diamond prices to become much more competitive and the potential to find a bargain has increased dramatically.

Consider these tips in order to ensure a good deal:

1. Buy a GIA certified diamond. This is the only certificate which truly guarantees a diamonds characteristics. It also prevents potential buyers from questioning the quality of your diamond down the road, should you decide to sell it.

2. Shop at wholesalers and online retailers. Often, online retailers are wholesalers who have begun selling directly to the public. Even if you don’t end up purchasing your diamond through these methods it allows you to price check and demand a similar price from your local jewelry store.

3. Know the market. Currently, round and square shape diamonds are in style. This means that other shapes are more difficult to sell and should be cheaper as a result. Other factors such as a poor or fair; cut, symmetry or polish grade, or high levels of fluorescence would also result in a diamond having a lower market price.

Selling to a qualified buyer

Selling a diamond has never been easier. There are literally hundreds of options, from local stores to online national buyers. Check any potential buyer’s online reputation and gemology credentials. This is especially important if your diamond is not GIA certified. You will have to rely on their grading skills when they are analyzing the characteristics of your diamond.
If your diamond is GIA certified you can simply send a buyer the certificate number. They should be able to look up its characteristics in GIA’s database and make an instant offer. This simplifies the process and allows you to easily shop around for the best value.

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