GIA Certificates make selling Your Diamond Easy
by    |  May 2nd, 2014

Value of a GIA Certificate

Possessing a GIA Certificate makes selling your diamond a whole lot simpler. All you have to do is follow these two steps:

Step 1: Contact a Diamond Buyer

Step 2: Provide them with your diamond’s GIA Report Number

GIA maintains an online database of all the diamonds they certify on their website This enables diamond buyers to pull up all of your diamond’s information and provide an immediate cash offer, without having to inspect the diamond in person beforehand.

Why can buyers only provide instant offers for GIA Certified Diamonds?

GIA is the most reputable certification lab in the world. The details contained in their reports are universally accepted. Reports from other labs, including EGL, IGI, HRD, etc… do not meet the same standards and often contain inflated color and clarity grades. This prevents buyers from providing instant offers for diamonds possessing these alternative certificate types.

Should I Get My Diamond GIA Certified?

Today, almost all diamonds which are of good to excellent quality are GIA Certified by the dealers who own them. They do this because the dependability of GIA Certificates make it possible for them to sell their stones using international online trading networks. Types of diamonds which are not GIA Certified include ones with low color, clarity, poor cut and high levels of fluorescence. These types are not GIA Certified for one of two reasons. The first is that the dealer may have felt the diamond would be easier to sell with an inaccurate color or clarity grade from one of the alternative laboratories. The second possibility is the diamond has a serious flaw, such as a cut grade of poor or high levels of fluorescence, making the stone difficult to sell, especially if that trait was identified on its GIA certificate.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, when selling your diamond, it is unlikely that it would benefit you to certify a non GIA Certified diamond which was purchased in the last 5-10 years. However, if it was purchased a long time ago, it is possible that it is of suitable quality for GIA Certification. In this case, I would recommend taking it to a local gemologist to get his opinion on whether or not GIA Certification would be advisable for your particular diamond.

How to Get My Diamond GIA Certified?

Members of the public can send their diamond into GIA in order to have it certified. The certification process takes anywhere from 1-2 months for diamonds under 4 carats. The cost averages around 60-300 dollars depending on the carat weight of your diamond, plus shipping & insurance. If your diamond is mounted, it would have to be removed from its mounting, before being sent into GIA for certification.

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