Natural vs Synthetic Diamonds
by    |  July 19th, 2013
About Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds, also known as Man-Made or Lab-Created diamonds, have been emerging as a viable alternative to natural, mined stones. They are created in labs using technology which artificially replicates the process needed to create diamonds in nature. Until recently, their quality and quantity limited their suitability to industrial applications. But, as the technology has improved, so have the prospects for their use in the retail jewelry market.

Should You Buy a Synthetic Diamond?

Synthetic, lab created diamonds are now available through a select few online retailers. If you are considering purchasing a synthetic diamond, there are a few pros and cons to consider…


– Guaranteed Non-Conflict
– Slightly Cheaper
– Process and results are slowly improving as technology evolves
– Have the same chemical, crystal and physical properties of natural diamonds


– Limited production and availability
– Very difficult to artificially produce colorless diamonds, most have a yellow tint
– There is no real resale market for synthetic diamonds
– Usually not GIA certified

Final Considerations

Synthetic diamonds are virtually identical to natural diamonds. If you are worried about a difference in appearance, that should not be a concern. But, if you are primarily interested in synthetic diamonds because of the price difference, you should reconsider. While they may be cheaper, there is virtually no resale market. This means that if you ever wanted to sell your synthetic diamond, you would receive little to no value in return. On the other hand, natural diamonds have a strong resale market which often fetches 60-70% of the purchase price.

This may change as the demand for synthetic diamonds grows, but as it stands, any savings you would be achieving by purchasing a synthetic diamond would quickly evaporate when you realize how little value they have in the resale market.

SF Diamond Jewelry Buyers is a national diamond buyer, committed to informing the public on matters concerning diamonds in both the retail and resale markets. Our goal is to ensure you get the best deal when purchasing a diamond, and the highest possible value when selling.
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