Benefits of Selling GIA Certified Diamonds
by    |  February 26th, 2013

Sell a GIA certified Diamonds

What Is GIA?

The Gemological Institute of America “GIA” is a non for profit organization whose main purpose is to protect the public. GIA created a diamond grading system which has become the standard of the Diamond industry. Before GIA’s grading system, an individual diamond’s quality was interpreted by the gemologist who sold it. The microscopic differences between diamond grades often led to different gemologists having conflicting opinions of a diamonds quality. GIA’s system rates all aspects of a diamond in a comprehensive report that is universally accepted in the diamond industry. Gemologists around the world send their diamonds to GIA’s numerous offices’ in order to have their diamonds graded. They do this because the results of their reports are considered final. This means that a GIA certified diamond can be sold to buyers around the world without them having to first see the diamond and interpret its quality for themselves. You can learn more about GIA here.

Benefits of Having a GIA Report When Selling a Diamond

GIA reports are especially important for members of the public who do not have a background in diamonds. This report gives them all of the information which before only an experienced private gemologist could uncover. While you will pay a premium when purchasing a GIA certified diamond, if you ever have to sell it the process becomes significantly simpler. When meeting with a potential buyer there is no debating the characteristics detailed in your diamond’s GIA report, it is simply a matter of what the buyer is willing to pay for the diamond. And, just like you had to pay a premium when purchasing the GIA certified diamond, buyers will pay a premium for the benefit of knowing the exact qualities of the diamond they are purchasing.

Differences Between a GIA Certificate and Other Laboratory Certification

GIA is the only non for profit laboratory and is considered to be at the pinnacle of reliability and accuracy. All other laboratories lay at some level below this. Any buyer purchasing a diamond with a report from another lab will still have to analyze and interpret the qualities of the diamond for themselves. Some labs are known for being unreliable (many of these are based overseas). While all certificates can be beneficial when selling a diamond, GIA certificates are the only ones which allow you, and the buyer to be 100% confident about your diamond’s qualities.

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