Differences Between Diamond Certificates
by    |  January 22nd, 2013
What is a Diamond Certificate?

A diamond certificate is a report issued by a gemological laboratory which details the specifications of a diamond. The main purpose of these laboratories is to protect the public and provide them with reliable information on the diamond they are buying. There are many different diamond grading laboratories around the world. But, not all laboratories are equal.

The top Diamond lab is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Their reports are considered the standard of the industry. This means that the data on a specific diamond contained in a GIA report is unchallengeable. Other laboratories include EGL, AGS, IGI, HRD and others. While the accuracy of these alternate labs can be comparable to GIA’s their reports are not as highly regarded and they can be open to some interpretation. One exception to this rule can be AGS. This lab is known for their extremely accurate cut grades and will often be very comparable to GIA in terms of color and clarity. But, even an AGS report is challengeable and its value during the selling process will be diminished as a result.

Color and Clarity grades are usually the characteristics which will be slightly miss-graded by a Gemological Laboratory other than GIA. The variance can range from 1 grade difference up to 2-3.

Comparing a diamond report from GIA to EGL

To further show you the difference between labs, here is an examples of a diamond report done by GIA and an alternate lab on the same diamond.

                                                     GIA Report EGL Report
Carat Weight 1.05ct 1.05ct
Color H F
Clarity I1 SI2
Cut Very Good Very Good
Measurements 6.54-6.57×4.00mm 6.54×6.57×4.00mm
Florescence Faint Blue Faint Blue

As you can see, the color of the diamond is listed as 2 grades better on the EGL report and the clarity is listed as 1 grade better.

Sell a certified diamond

When selling your diamond or engagement ring it is always beneficial to have a gemological certificate. These reports make it much easier to shop your diamond amongst potential buyers. All of our buyers are GIA certified diamond experts. This means that we can inspect and value all diamonds regardless of whether or not they are certified. If you have a diamond or engagement ring to sell simply call or fill out the contact form and we would be happy to schedule you for a consultation.

Because of the accuracy of GIA reports, South Florida Jewelry Buyers offers instant offers for GIA certified diamonds. This means that if you have GIA Certified diamond jewelry or an engagement ring to sell we can provide you with an offer before actually seeing the diamond.
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