Fashion Trends Can Affect The Value of Your Diamond
by    |  March 23rd, 2013
Diamond Value

Diamond value fluctuates in response to current market conditions. Unlike gold, which is a globally traded commodity with a standard market price, diamond value is always adapting to reflect current fashion trends and demand. A diamond’s price is directly related to that specific diamond’s marketability in retail outlets around the world. This is especially true for fancy shape diamonds, (Any shape other than round).

For example:

  • In the 1990’s yellow gold jewelry was very popular. When mounted, Yellow gold tends to hide the color of a diamond. This meant that diamonds with a color grade of J or lower were much easier to sell. Currently, platinum and white gold jewelry are in style. They do not share the same color disguising property as yellow gold. This has caused the demand for J or lower color diamonds to decrease.
  • In the early 2000’s major retailers put an emphasis on marketing marquise shape diamonds in engagement rings, demand grew accordingly. Over time, this fashion trend has faded and marquise diamonds have become less desirable. At the moment, marquise shape diamonds are in low demand.

When selling your diamond engagement ring or diamond jewelry you should be sure to inquire about current market conditions. Like all fashion, jewelry trends are always evolving. Dated soon becomes in Fashion and what was once considered unsalable becomes highly sought after. If you have a large, valuable diamond it may be worth waiting for the right market conditions as opposed to selling immediately. This is especially true when selling dated estate pieces.

Our business, South Florida Jewelry Buyers serves as a supplier of diamonds to high end retail clients and stores around the country. This puts us at the center of the diamond market. We closely monitor diamond fashion trends in order to ensure our clients are receiving a great price which reflects their diamonds current market value.
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