How Does Fluorescence Affect My Diamonds Value?
by    |  February 19th, 2013

Determining the value of any diamonds you have to sell can be a difficult process. There are numerous confusing factors to consider such as; carat weight, color, cut, clarity etc…. While you are trying interpret these characteristics it is understandable that some less well-known factors can be overlooked. Fluorescence is one of those frequently ignored factors. This trait is present in around 1/3 of all diamonds and can have a significant impact on a diamonds value.

What is Fluorescence?

Fluorescence refers to the emission of visible light from a diamond when subjected to ultraviolet light. The Gemological terms used for describing the strength of fluorescence in a diamond are: None, Faint, Medium, Strong, and Very Strong. While not necessarily a negative aspect of a diamond, strong or very strong florescence will have a negative impact on its resale value. A highly fluorescent diamond will emit a blue hue (in some rare cases fluorescence can be yellow or orange) when taken into darkness after being exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Another effect strong fluorescence can have on a diamond is making it appear slightly whiter than its actual color grade. In the past this was considered a positive characteristic because it improved the appearance of the diamonds color. However, it is now accounted for and results in the diamond receiving a lower color grade by gemological labs. Very strong fluorescence can make a diamond appear hazy which will cause the diamond to suffer a significant decrease in value.

In the case of smaller melee size diamonds and accent diamonds the fluorescence trait is not as important and does not really affect values. This is because the effect of fluorescence in smaller diamonds is much less noticeable.

Determining Fluorescence

If you don’t have the benefit of a Gemological certificate or fluorescent light it can be difficult to determine whether or not your diamond is fluorescent. One way to check is by taking your diamond into a dark room after it has been exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. If your diamond emits a blue hue you can be sure that your diamond has some degree of fluorescence.

The effect of faint or medium florescence on a diamond value is typically negligible. It is only when the presence of fluorescence is prominent that the value of your diamond can be significantly affected. Knowing whether or not your diamond has this characteristic can be very beneficial when you are getting ready to sell your diamond jewelry or engagement ring.

At South Florida Jewelry Buyers we take all of the relevant diamond characteristics into account when valuing any diamonds or diamond jewelry you have to sell. During your professional consultation we will explain how each of these factors relates to your diamonds value specifically.
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