How to Reuse Old Diamonds in New Jewelry
by    |  May 17th, 2013

It is often the case that someone will take old diamond jewelry to a potential buyer, only to be informed that their diamonds have no significant resale value in today’s market. This can be a result of the diamonds size, shape, make or quality. Before selling your diamonds at a significantly reduced price, consider the fact that they may be reusable in a new piece of jewelry. If there is any chance that you will purchase diamond jewelry in the future, holding onto your diamonds may be the best option, especially if the buyer is offering little to nothing for them anyway.

Making a New, Custom Jewelry Piece

People often assume that having jewelry custom made would be much more expensive then purchasing pre-made pieces from a jewelry store. This is far from the case. Unless it is a designer brand, the price of jewelry is the direct result of its material and labor costs. If anything, the fact that you are purchasing a pre-made, jewelry store piece, only adds to your expense. By having jewelry custom made using recycled diamonds, you will not only be receiving a product made to your exact specifications, it will also save you money.

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