3 Steps to Take Before Selling Your Jewelry
by    |  March 9th, 2013
Step 1) Gather any Paperwork, Appraisals, Receipts and Boxes

Do you have paperwork which details the characteristics of your jewelry? If so, these documents can be very beneficial during the selling process. They provide a potential buyer with information regarding the metal content, diamond and gemstone weights and more. This makes estimating unnecessary and provides a detailed breakdown of the carat weight and sizes of any mounted precious stones. With these documents a buyer can be extremely confident in his valuation of your piece, enabling him to make the highest offer possible.

In the case of designer pieces and high end watches, having the original paperwork and box can greatly increase the resale value. These accessories make it much easier for the jewelry to be resold in the retail market.

Step 2) Search for highly regarded local buyers

Never rush to the nearest jewelry store or gold buyer. You should always conduct a thorough search for potential buyers in your area. Get a feel for their reputation and customer satisfaction levels by looking up their reviews and listings online. Once you have narrowed it down to a few standout buyers, a quick look at their professional associations and years in business should allow you to determine if they are well-established institutions.

Unless the piece was just purchased and returning it is an option, taking jewelry back to the place in which it was purchased is unwise. Jewelry stores work on very large margins. As a result, they are reluctant to purchase pieces back from customers unless it is for a significantly reduced price. Stores push trades rather than offering a satisfactory price because it will help them to meet their profit goals.

Step 3) Make an appointment

Jewelry stores and gold buyers are notorious for their rushed consultations and busy working hours. Simply walking into a store can result in a long waiting time and a rushed consultation. You always want your pieces to be inspected by a highly qualified, certified gemologist. This usually requires being consulted by the owner or manager. By making an appointment you are ensuring yourself a prompt appointment and ample time to make an informed sale decision.

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