Guide to Selling Estate Jewelry
by    |  December 11th, 2012
What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is usually classified as any pre-owned jewelry, whether it’s an engagement ring, pendant or antique. It does not necessarily mean that the piece is dated. Used modern jewelry may also be identified as “estate”. When selling their jewelry, members of the public will often refer to a large number of pieces, or inherited items as estate jewelry.

How to Sell Estate Jewelry

Whether you have a large selection of estate pieces or a few valuable items, you can use these steps to help identify an appropriate buyer.

  • Step 1) Identify the type of jewelry

    Are they antiques, costume jewelry or a more modern style? The type of items contained in an estate will determine the most suitable buyer. For example: if you have an estate with multiple antique pieces, you may want to consider taking them to an antique dealer, (as opposed to a typical jewelry store).

  • Step 2) Locate any large diamonds

    Large diamonds have the potential to produce a large chunk of the resale value of an estate. If your estate pieces have any large diamonds, those diamonds should be the main factor when determining a suitable buyer. In this case, you would want to locate a buyer who specializes in purchasing diamonds. They should also be experienced gemologists. A local pawn shop, gold buyer or jewelry store may not meet these credentials.

Estate Jewelry Value

Buyers who purchase jewelry as “estate pieces” are doing so with the intention of reselling them as used jewelry. This means that their offer should reflect the value of each item as a whole rather than a reduced scrap price. While no buyer is going to offer more than it would cost them to make the piece, their offer should not be based solely on material value.

Many Estate Buyers offer consignment as an alternative to outright purchase. This enables you to leave your jewelry in their store’s showcase. While it may eventually result in an improved offer, this process can take months or even years and there are no guarantees.

South Florida Jewelry Buyers offers free, no obligation off-site consultations to any individuals looking to sell their estate jewelry in South Florida. Through this service, you can meet with our gemologist at a convenient location in your area. Clients are also welcome to visit our Miami office.
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