How to Sell Jewelry Using Ebay
by    |  July 23rd, 2013
Benefits of Ebay

Ebay has become a viable alternative to traditional jewelry selling methods. Items which are frequently sold on Ebay include designer jewelry, pieces containing small diamonds (.50 Carats or less), antique jewelry and fashion jewelry. Unlike most traditional selling means, through Ebay you can realistically expect to receive a figure close to the purchase price.

Posting items to Ebay is a free and easy process. Simply take pictures, write a description and set your price. But there are some steps you should take to ensure the best chances of finding a buyer…

Take Multiple, Quality Images

The first thing a potential buyer sees is the picture. A quality image is vital if you want to drive traffic to your listing. Today, even a cell phone is capable of taking professional looking photos. Consider having your items polished beforehand. You would be surprised how a used piece of jewelry can come to life with a simple cleaning. Be sure to take the pictures under adequate lighting and from all angles.

Include any Appraisals, Receipts or Certificates

The inclusion of an appraisal or certificate in your listing will greatly improve a buyer’s confidence in the quality of your items. Buyers are very skeptical when purchasing jewelry through consumer selling sites. Appraisals, certificates and any other professional documents which detail the quality of your piece will go a long way in placating their concerns. You should also include any receipts which display the original purchase price.

Write a Detailed Description

Fill out every relevant section of your listing, including metal type, karat grade, gem type, diamond weight, diamond quality, designer or brand, measurements, ring size etc… The more information, the more confident a buyer will be when making an offer.

Use the Bidding format

Many Ebay users skip over items which only have a buy it now option. You can always include a reserve price if you are concerned about the bids being too low.

Remember, Ebay exposes your jewelry to thousands of potential buyers each time you post a listing. No matter how obscure or unique your item is, there is always someone out there for it. If you have the patience, use proper posting techniques and ask a reasonable price, there is no reason you shouldn’t expect to find a buyer.

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