Diamond Certificates & Appraisals are frequently used by our clients as tools to estimate the value and characteristics of their jewelry. While we encourage this as a price research tool, their accuracy can vary, effecting their usefulness during the selling process. We have listed the important characteristics of appraisals and diamond certificates below.
Documents produced by independent appraisers and jewelry stores. Their chief purpose is to provide an estimated retail replacement cost for insurance purposes.
Appraisals are commonly provided by the place of purchase. This creates a conflict of interest because they have a strong incentive to cast themselves in the most positive light possible. As a result, appraisal from the place of purchase will often contain inflated values and qualities.
In our experience, the used value of jewelry is typically 40-50% of its appraised value.
Reports provided by gemological labs which detail all of a diamonds major characteristics. Certificates don’t mention an estimated value. However, the information they contain can make it much easier to research the value of your diamond independently.
Unfortunately, some certificate types knowingly provide inflated a diamond’s grades. More on this here, differences between diamond certificates. This inclination is exhibited in EGL, IGI and HRD certificates. If you diamond is certified by one of these laboratories, you should be aware that the color and clarity grades on the certificate are almost certainly 1-2 grades better than reality. This should be factored in when calculating the used value of your diamond.
Selling Jewelry with an Appraisal or Diamond Certificate
If you have any paperwork detailing the characteristics of your jewelry, we should be able to provide you with an estimate prior to the actual consultation appointment. If your diamond is GIA or AGS Certified, the reliability of these certificate types enables us to deliver an exact offer over the phone.
To get started, simply call us or fill out a contact form. Our gemologists will use the information in your paperwork to formulate an immediate estimate or offer for your jewelry or diamonds.