Helpful information for members of the public looking to sell diamonds & diamond jewelry
A diamond’s color actually refers to absence of color, (Except in the case of fancy color diamonds). All other factors being equal, the whiter a diamond is, the more value it has. Diamond color is graded on a scale from “D” (colorless) to “Z” (light yellow or brown). To the untrained eye, the presence of color usually only becomes noticeable in the “J” or lower grades.
Diamonds with a significant degree of color, (Much higher than “Z”), may be considered fancy color. This label can greatly increase their value. Fancy colored diamonds come in a variety of colors, (the most common types are yellow and pink).

How can you determine your diamond’s color grade?
While determining the exact grade is difficult, you should be able to narrow it down somewhat. To do this, this place the ring or loose diamond upside down on a white surface. Then, look into the base of the diamond from an angle. If you see even the faintest hint of yellow, it is almost certainly not in the D-F grades. If the yellow is immediately noticeable, your diamond is most likely “J” or lower. Individual color grades are very difficult to differentiate, even for experienced graders. Most gemologists use a master stone set containing pre-graded diamonds of each color grade, allowing them to determine a diamond’s color through comparison.