Helpful information for members of the public looking to sell diamonds & diamond jewelry
Treatments and the resale value of treated diamonds to buyers
Treated or “Enhanced” diamonds have been altered to improve the appearance of their natural gemological characteristics. Treatments can improve the appearance of a diamond’s clarity or color. To improve clarity, a microscopic laser is drilled into a prominent inclusion. In some cases, the drilled inclusion is then filled with a glass-like substance, (Fracture filling). Color treatments involve a machine which exposes the diamond to very intense radiation, creating fancy color, or improving an already fancy color diamond’s saturation. Most fancy color diamond’s seen in today’s jewelry, (Especially smaller diamonds), are color treated.

Can I be sold a treated diamond without being informed beforehand?
Before any jeweler can sell treated diamonds, they are governed by law under the United States Federal Trade Commission to disclose this information to any buyer.
Will a Gemological Lab issue a certificate for a treated diamond?
The only type of treated diamond which can be certified is a Laser Drilled Diamond. They still certify it because the natural properties of the diamond were not altered. The report will include a note which identifies the diamond as having been laser drilled.
What effect does a treatment have on my diamond’s value?
The value of a treated diamond is much less than that of a diamond with the same qualities in its natural state. Only diamonds which would be difficult to sell in their natural form are treated. It probably had a serious flaw; such as a fracture, prominent inclusion, or low color, prior to being treated.
How can I tell if my diamond is treated?
Most treatments are difficult for members of the public to detect because the treatment is intended to look natural. Fracture filled diamonds exhibit something called a “flash effect”, which was intentionally added to make it detectable. When the diamond is rotated, there is a flash of color along the filled inclusion. This color flash is exhibited as a yellow orange or blue purple color. Click Here for an example of a purple flash affect in a fracture filled Diamond.