Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • BaguetteSmall, usually rectangular step cut diamonds. Typically used as accent diamonds in jewelry and engagement rings (Diamond Shapes)
  • Bead Cut DiamondRoughly spherical double rose cut diamond
  • Bearded GirdleFuzzy or feathered looking girdle, the effect is caused by numerous hair like feathers extending from the girdle into the stone over a microscopic distance
  • BellyThe slightly curving side of a marquise, pear or oval shape diamond
  • BezelInclined surface on the crown of a round brilliant diamond between the table and the girdle
  • Bicycle TireIndustry term for a very thick girdle on a round brilliant diamond
  • Black DiamondA very dark diamond which appears black due to numerous inclusions which block all transmission of light. Most black diamonds in today’s market have been treated to achieve a uniform black effect. They are usually much less valuable than a typical clear diamond
  • Black PiqueBlack inclusions which are visible within a diamond
  • BlemishAny nick, scratch, abrasion, pit, polish-mark, graining or polish-line on the surface of a polished diamond. A diamond can be internally flawless (IF), even if it has blemishes, including scratches, nicks and abrasions. Blemishes can usually be easily removed by polishing
  • Bow TieDark area resembling a bow tie, seen through the table, across the center of a marquise, oval or pear-shape diamond. This is a negative effect of poor proportions and will slightly decrease the value of any diamond which possesses the trait
  • BrillianceIntensity of the internal and external reflections of white light from the crown of a polished diamond
  • Brilliant CutThe optimal cut style for maximizing a diamonds brilliance. The most common brilliant cut diamond is the Round Brilliant
  • Brown DiamondThe most commonly occurring natural diamond. Often described as “chocolate” or “cognac” color
  • BruiseCrumbled area on the surface of a diamond usually caused by a hard blow. A bruise consists of numerous small cracks or feathers grouped together near a diamonds surface