Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • EGLEuropean Gemological Laboratory is a privately owned, for profit Gemological Lab. The United States EGL branch broke off from the main organization in 1986. Diamond Reports issued by EGL USA are typically considered to be slightly below GIA in terms of reliability. EGL reports issued from other countries, such as Israel or India, are more unreliable
  • Engagement RingRing, usually set with one or more diamonds, traditionally presented by a man to a woman as a token of betrothal
  • EnhancementAny post mining process which alters the appearance, namely the color or clarity, of a natural diamond. Enhancements include: coating, fracture filling, irradiation, annealing and laser drilling
  • Etch ChannelsAngled openings (inclusions) at the surface of a diamond which extend into the diamond
  • European CutA dated diamond cutting style which produced diamonds that were considered the first Round Brilliants. Today’s modern cutting techniques have made this style cut obsolete. They are sometimes sold in today’s market as antiques
  • Extra FacetAdditional facets (above the standard amount) added to a diamond by the cutter. The cutter will add an extra facet if he is able to remove a prominent inclusion by doing so. Extra facets do not necessarily reduce a diamonds value. Any effects on value will depend on the size and location of the additional facet
  • Eye CleanIndustry Term for a diamond with no visible inclusions to the naked eye. This typically means the diamond is of SI clarity or better