Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • IGIInternational Gemological Institute. They are a privately owned diamond certification laboratory
  • Illusion SettingMounting which crams multiple diamonds together in order to create the appearance of a single large stone
  • ImpurityElements other than carbon present in a diamond, and not part of its essential chemical composition. Boron and nitrogen are some of the most commonly found impurities in diamonds
  • IncludedTerm used to describe a diamond which has noticeable inclusions
  • Indented NaturalArea lower than the surrounding surface of a polished diamond where the original surface of the rough diamond remains
  • Industrial DiamondLow quality diamonds which are only suitable for industrial applications
  • Internal GrainingGrain lines or planes inside of a diamond
  • Irradiated DiamondA diamond which has been artificially exposed to radiation in order to give it a fancy color