Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • Laser DrillingEnhancement process used to improve the appearance of a diamond which contains dark inclusions. A hole is drilled into the diamond with a laser until it reaches the inclusion. If the included material is not vaporized by the laser itself, it is dissolved or bleached with acid.
  • Laser InscriptionIdentifying number or messages engraved on a diamond with a laser. Usually present along the diamond’s girdle
  • Laxey DiamondsVery shallow, brilliant-cut diamonds
  • Lead GlassA common diamond simulant which adds lead to glass. This increases its refractive index, luster and dispersion, giving it the appearance of a diamond
  • Length to Width RatioComparison of the length and width of the girdle outline in Pear, Marquise, Oval and Emerald Cut Diamonds. Determined by dividing the length by the width (The width is expressed as 1). Some length-to-width ratios are considered more pleasing then others. These include:
    Marquise: 1.75-2.25:1, Oval: 1.33-1.66:1, Emerald & Pear: 1.50-1.75:1
  • LifeIndustry term referencing the combined effect of brilliance, dispersion and scintillation in a diamond
  • Light Carat or Light HalfDiamond weighting slightly less than 1 carat or .50 carats respectively
  • Lizard-skin polishDiamond with poor polish, seen as a wavy or bumpy area, on the surface of a polished diamond
  • LobeOne of the two rounded ends of a heart shape diamond
  • Loose GoodsPolished, un-mounted diamonds
  • LotSelection of rough or polished loose diamonds, usually similar in sizes and qualities
  • LoupeSmall magnifying lens with 10x magnification used to clarity grade diamonds
  • Loupe CleanTerm used to describe a diamond with no inclusions or blemishes which are visible under 10x magnification (iF or Flawless)
  • LusterAppearance of the surface of a polished diamond in reflected light. A diamond’s luster is described as adamantine