Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • MacleFlat, triangular diamond crystal. Due to their irregular, flat structure they are often fashioned into fancy shapes
  • MakeTerm used to describe the relative quality of the proportions and finish of a polished diamond
  • Man-made diamondA synthetic diamond produced in a lab through the CVD or HTHP methods
  • Marquise CutElongated, boat-shaped brilliant cut with curving sides and pointed ends. Believed to have been named after the Marquise de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV
  • Master DiamondsSet of pre color graded polished diamonds covering the colorless to light yellow or brown range which are used as references to color grade a diamond
  • MeleePolished round diamonds ranging from .05-.20 carats
  • MicroscopeOptical instrument used to magnify diamond features which may be indistinct or invisible to the unaided eye
  • Milky DiamondDiamond with a hazy appearance caused by groups of minute inclusions, excessive fluorescence, graining, or abrasion
  • Mohs ScaleScale of the comparative hardness of minerals, developed in 1822 by a German mineralogist Fedrich Mohs. Based on 10 well-known minerals rated on an uneven scale from 1-10 with diamonds being the hardest (10).
  • MountingMetal framework in which gemstones are set to make various articles of jewelry. Usually refers to rings