Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • Paper markFine scratches which occur when loose polished diamonds rub against each other in a diamond paper
  • Pave settingSetting style in which many small gemstones are placed close together. The pavilions are recessed in holes, and held in place by metal beads worked up from the mounting itself, over the girdle edges
  • PavilionThe portion of a polished diamond below the girdle
  • Pavilion angleAngle between the girdle plane and the pavilion main facets
  • PinpointSmall, rounded inclusions which at 10x magnification is visible, but not large enough to be distinguishable as an included crystal. Usually white
  • PiqueFrench term corresponding to inclusions which are visible to the naked eye, present in diamonds within the imperfect clarity range (I)
  • PitAny small opening on the surface of a polished diamond
  • PlotDiagram of the facet arrangement of a polished diamond on which symbols are used to indicate the size and sometimes shape of significant clarity characteristics. These are found on diamond certificates
  • PointUnit of weight equal to one hundredth of a metric carat (0.01ct)
  • PolishThe overall condition of the facet surfaces on a polished diamond
  • Polished GirdleGirdle which has been finished to a smooth surface
  • Polish LinesTiny parallel grooves or ridges left on a diamond facet by the scaife during polishing. Polish lines run parallel to each other on any given facet, and do not cross facet junctions
  • Poor MakeTerm used to describe a polished diamond with deficiencies in proportions, finish or symmetry
  • Potentially FlawlessTerm used to describe a diamond which, through re-polishing to remove minor surface blemishes or shallow inclusions, can have its clarity grade raised to internally flawless or flawless
  • ProngNarrow metal support, usually used in groups of four to six, to hold a gemstone in its mounting
  • ProportionsRelative dimensions and angles of a polished diamond and the relationships between them; these include table size, crown angle, crown height, girdle thickness, pavilion angle, pavilion depth, culet size, girdle outline, length-to-width ratio, and total depth.