Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • RecutRefashioning a polished diamond to improve its clarity or proportions, repair damage, or modernize an old cut
  • Refractive IndexMeasure of the extent to which light is bent as it enters or leaves a gemstone at an angle other than perpendicular to the surface. Expressed as the ratio of the speed of light in air to its speed in the gemstone. All other factors being equal, the higher a stone’s RI, the greater its brilliance. Diamond’s RI is 2.417
  • ReliefDistinctiveness with which an inclusion stands out against its background. High relief inclusions, such as black inclusions, have a greater effect on diamond clarity
  • Rose CutHistoric cut characterized by a flat base, a circular girdle outline, a pointed, dome shaped crown, and a varying number of triangular facets
  • Rough DiamondDiamond of either cut-able or industrial quality, as it is recovered from the earth, prior to undergoing any manufacturing process
  • Rough GirdleIrregular, pitted, or granular girdle surface, often severely bearded; caused by being rounded up or bruted too quickly