Sell Diamonds in the United States
  • SaturationThe strength, purity, or intensity of a color in a gemstone
  • ScintillationFlashes of light reflected from a polished diamond, seen when either the diamond, the light source, or the observer moves
  • ScratchNarrow, shallow, rough-edged abrasion on the surface of a diamond. Caused by contact with other diamonds
  • Semi-mountJewelry mounting, pre-set with small diamonds, to which one or more large stones may be added
  • SettingPart of the mounting in which a polished diamond is set
  • Shallow Diamond– Diamond with a total depth of less than 58-60%, causing increased light leakage and loss of brilliance
  • Shoulders– Curved edges of the girdle outline between the head and the belly on an oval or pear-shape diamond
  • Single CutCutting style with a circular girdle, a table, eight crown facets and eight pavilion facets. Used mostly on diamonds weighing less than 0.05ct
  • Slightly Included (SI)Grade on the GIA clarity grading scale for diamonds with inclusions and surface blemishes which are usually invisible to the unaided eye, but which can be seen easily or very easily under 10x magnification. There are two grades in this category, abbreviated SI1 and SI2
  • SolitaireA single diamond set in a ring
  • Star FacetOne of the eight triangular facets which form the sides of the table on a brilliant cut diamond
  • Sep CutCutting style in which long, narrow, four-sided facets are arranged in rows parallel to the girdle on both the crown and pavilion. There are usually three rows, although this may vary. Emerald cuts and baguettes are examples of step-cut diamonds
  • StrongiteColorless, synthetic sapphires which are marketed as diamond simulants
  • Surface GrainingGrain lines on the surface of a finished diamond, usually due to different crystallographic orientations
  • SymmetryGrading term for the exactness of shape and placement of facets on a polished diamond
  • Synthetic DiamondMan-made diamond which has the same chemical, physical, and optical properties of its natural counterpart