We offer our estate jewelry buying services to the entire South Florida community. If you are selling your estate jewelry in Boca Raton, Weston, Coral Gables, Palm Beach, Aventura, Parkland, Pinecrest, Key Biscayne, South Beach, Naples or any other South Florida city, we are interested in making you an offer. Our gemologists are experienced estate buyers, averaging over 2.5 million dollars in estate purchases each year.
Where to sell my Estate Jewelry?
One aspect our services which makes us uniquely qualified to buy estate jewelry is that we offer free off-site consultations. This enables you to meet with our gemologist at a convenient location in your area, such as a local Bank, Starbucks or Residence, in order to receive a full analysis and offer for your estate jewelry. This no-obligation service, coupled with our market leading offers, makes us the best place to sell estate jewelry in South Florida.
How it Works
Step 1: Contact us via phone, email or contact form. We may request additional information or images of your pieces.
Step 2: Our representative will schedule you for a free, no-obligation consultation appointment.
Step 3: During the consultation, our gemologists will provide you with a detailed analysis of your estate jewelry, presenting our offers for each item individually.
Step 4: Consider our offer. If accepted, immediate payment is provided.
How Estate Jewelry is Valued
When selling us your Estate Jewelry, it will be valued according to a number of factors, including:
Intrinsic Value
This refers to a pieces desirability and rarity in today’s market. Items which can have high intrinsic value include antiques or designer pieces.
Condition is a very important factor to consider when selling estate jewelry because it determines whether or not the piece can be resold. If an item is in poor or unrepairable condition, its value will be affected accordingly.
* Never attempt to clean or polish antique jewelry. Removing signs of age such as a patina can reduce its value.
Precious Metal Content
Gold, Silver and Platinum value is determined by weight and purity.
* Most Gold jewelry is not pure, but rather a percentage of gold mixed with an alloy, increasing its strength. This percentage of gold is identified by Karat, ranging from 8kt to 24kt (Pure Gold).
Precious Metal Content
Gold, Silver and Platinum value is determined by weight and purity.
Precious Gem Content
Precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearls and especially diamonds will all add value to your estate jewelry. The quality, size and quantity of the gems will determine their value during the selling process.
Sell Estate Jewelry Today
With a service area extending from the Florida Keys all the way to Jupiter and everywhere in between, you can sell your estate jewelry to us from anywhere in South Florida. Contact us today at (305) 577-3596 to get started. Or schedule your free, no-obligation off-site consultation online.