Our buying services are available to all Coral Gables, FL residents with jewelry to sell. As a local business, we have set out to make the process of selling your jewelry as convenient as possible. To get started, simply call or fill out a contact form. Our representatives are happy to provide estimates based on appraisals or certificates.
Best way to sell jewelry in Coral Gables
All consultations are delivered by appointment, ensuring that we have ample time to provide a thorough analysis of the jewelry you have to sell. Each of our buyers have decades of experience in the jewelry and diamond industry. This factor is especially important if you are looking to sell diamond jewelry, because you can be confident that our buyer has the expertise required for an accurate valuation.
In order to determine the value of your jewelry, and how much you should expect when selling jewelry in Coral Gables, you will need to have having a certain amount of insight into the materials, intrinsic value & condition of your jewelry pieces. These criteria are detailed below.
Material value is the foundation of every Coral Gables jewelry buyer’s offer. In jewelry, material value consists of precious metals and gemstones.
Precious Metals
Metal value is determined by both weight and purity. The purity of Gold Jewelry ranges from 10kt (41.50% gold) to 24kt (100% gold), while Platinum, Palladium & Silver jewelry are almost always 90% or 95% pure (Stamped 900 or 950 respectively).
Diamonds are the most valuable gemstone. You can learn about the factors which influence diamond value here. Other gemstones including rubies, sapphires and emeralds will all add value to the jewelry you have to sell.
Intrinsic Value
Intrinsic value refers to value which goes beyond your jewelry’s materials. Types of jewelry which can have intrinsic value include modern, designer & antique jewelry. Coral Gables Jewelry Buyers should consider all of these criteria when formulating an offer for your jewelry.
Modern jewelry is usually resalable and therefore more. Popular & Trendy modern jewelry pieces should demand a price above material value.
Designer jewelry pieces such as Tiffany, Tacori, and David Yurman should demand a premium price. A great way to research the used value of your designer jewelry is to locate similar pieces selling on Ebay before meeting with a potential buyer in Coral Gables.
This usually refers to jewelry which is at least 100 years old. Antique jewelry usually bears signs of age such as a patina, and may contain stones bearing an older, less sophisticated cutting style.
If the jewelry you have to sell is in poor or damaged condition, it may make it impossible for the buyer to resell it as a piece. In this case it will most likely be purchased for its material value alone.
In order to start the process of selling jewelry in Coral Gables, contact us today.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • Most members of the public only start to notice color in a diamond when it is in the J or lower color grades.
  • Antique cut round diamonds tend to be slightly off round due to the more primitive cutting techniques used in the past.