Searching for a jewelry buyer in Davie, FL? We offer or jewelry and diamond buying services to the entire Davie community. All of our jewelry buyers are GIA certified gemologists, uniquely qualified to value fine jewelry and diamonds. Our consultation services are free of charge and enable you to receive a full professional analysis of your jewelry and diamonds within Davie.
Sell an Engagement Ring
Searching for a local Davie jewelry buyer to sell an engagement ring can be difficult. You may think your options are limited to gold buyers, pawn shops and local jewelry stores. Because of our off-site consultation service, this is no longer the case. You can meet with our diamond experts at your preferred location within Davie in order to sell your diamond engagement ring with confidence. All of our offers stand for one week, enabling you to confirm that our prices can’t be beat.
While we are a large scale jewelry and diamond supplier, we understand that selling an engagement ring can be a difficult process. As a family business, we strive to make the jewelry selling process as comfortable as possible, while also offering the highest levels of professionalism. During the consultation process you will be given a comprehensive analysis, including every aspect of your engagement ring which effects its value. While you may not decide to sell your engagement ring, you will leave the consultation knowing all of the information required to make informed sale decision.
Selling Jewelry & Diamonds
Taking the time to find the right buyer is essential if you are to maximize your return when selling jewelry or selling diamonds in Davie. As diamond buyers, we are happy to offer the full melt value (98.5%) for any platinum or gold which accompanies a .50 carat or larger diamond. This is the same refiner payout which gold buyers and jewelry buyers receive when they sell their gold. It would be impossible for any other Davie jewelry buyer to offer this rate.
If you are attempting to sell estate jewelry in Davie, this can mean a difference of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
Rival offers
We pride ourselves on our ability to offer greater value for diamonds. If you get an offer for your diamond from a rival Davie Jewelry Buyer, contact us before accepting. We have never seen an offer for a high quality diamond which we can’t beat. If you are selling a GIA certified diamond in Davie, we can provide you with an exact offer over the phone, prior to having seen the actual diamond!!!
Schedule a consultation
In order to sell jewelry in Davie, simply call us or fill out a contact form. All of our jewelry and diamond buyers are standing by to guide you through the jewelry selling process. Consultations are completely no-obligation and pressure free. If you have an appraisal, diamond certificate or any other information which details your jewelry or diamond’s characteristics we may be able to provide you with an estimate prior to the actual appointment.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • Invisible set diamonds look pretty but can be very difficult to resell. Grooves are cut into them so they fit into each other like a puzzle. They only have value in the piece and can’t be sold as loose diamonds without first being re-cut to remove the grooves.
  • Very few buyers have the knowledge required to pay high levels for diamonds. As a result, they will pay way below market value in order to ensure their profits. Make sure the buyer you select is a certified gemologist with a history dealing with diamonds.