We make offers to clients with fine jewelry and diamonds to sell throughout the entire Deerfield Beach area. We offer both on and off-site consultations. This free service allows you to arrange for our Gemologist to come to you if the trip to our Miami office would be an inconvenience.
Above all, the reason for our success as a jewelry buyer is our ability to pay greater amounts for our Deerfield Beach customer’s diamonds than other buyers. Our gemologists have decades of experience buying and selling diamonds on the global market. If you have diamond jewelry to sell in Deerfield Beach we would be happy to schedule you for a no obligation consultation appointment.
As GIA-certified gemologists, we use the most modern diamond grading techniques to provide you with a full analysis of your jewelry before our offer is presented. We are a direct supplier of diamonds to high-end retail clients around the country. This association enables you to be confident that you are receiving the highest market value for any diamond jewelry, engagement rings or estate pieces.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • The culet is a small flat surface cut into the underside of a diamond in order to prevent chipping. When a culet is so large that it becomes noticeable, it will negatively affect a diamonds value.
  • GIA certificates are the industry standard and the only diamond certificate that is indisputable. Other laboratories are more lenient in their grading standards. It is possible that a diamond graded G color by GIA would receive an E or F grade from another lab.