Transparency is at the heart of our Delray Beach jewelry buying services. We take every appropriate measure to ensure that our customers have a full understanding of the process and are able to sell their jewelry items with confidence. Whether you are looking to “Sell my jewelry” or “Sell my diamond” in Delray Beach, we are committed to guiding you to the best options in your area.
What are you selling?
When searching for the best jewelry buyer in Delray Beach, your first step should be identifying the type of jewelry you have. Is it a diamond ring or antique jewelry? Multiple estate pieces or gold coins? Most jewelry buyers specialize in a certain type of jewelry, making sure you go to the one that specializes in yours would be advisable.
Local options
Being a larger costal city, there are a number of cash for gold locations. They buy used jewelry from the public for around 60-70% of its metal worth, then sell it directly to a refiner, who typically pays them anywhere from 96-99% of its melt value. If your pieces are scrap or plain gold, it would be advisable to sell it directly to a national or local refiner, usually easily found on the internet. That way you would be going directly to the top of the gold buying market.
Sell my diamond
In Delray Beach, qualified diamond buyers are scarce. Most of your options for selling diamond jewelry consist of local jewelry stores. The majority of jewelry stores get their diamonds on memo from large scale suppliers, meaning that they don’t have to pay for them until they are sold. Because of this, they don’t really have any incentive to purchase diamonds for their inventory. So, when buying diamonds from Delray Beach customers, they sell their purchases directly to their suppliers. Enabling them to generate a quick profit.
As was the case with gold, getting the most money for your diamond jewelry is directly related to which level of the buying pyramid you sell to. In the case of diamonds, getting the most money requires selling to a large scale distributor. They are the most qualified diamond buyers and by selling your diamond to them, you would be receiving higher value than any other Delray Beach jewelry buyer could offer.
Estate jewelry collections
Estate jewelry is unique because the items may be of varying styles and consist of different materials. This can make locating an appropriate buyer in Delray Beach more complicated. When selling estate jewelry, you may want to try a selection of different options including jewelry stores, antique dealers and diamond buyers in order to shop for the best price.
We are a local, national diamond supplier and offer our jewelry and diamond buying services to Delray Beach clients. Our buyers are experienced diamond graders, enabling them to provide expert valuations of diamonds and engagement rings. The selling process is professional and secure. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment, meet with our buyer, and make a pressure free selling decision.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • Always bring all paperwork to a consultation. This helps the buyer verify the weights of any mounted diamonds (As opposed to estimating)
  • Make an appointment. Being rushed into a sales decision is never wise. By scheduling an appointment you are guaranteeing ample consultation time.