How can I get the most money for my jewelry?
This is the primary question to consider when selling your jewelry or diamonds in Jupiter. Rather than going to the most convenient buyer, you should attempt to locate the most qualified one.
Finding a qualified jewelry buyer in Jupiter
Determining which buyer is most qualified for your specific jewelry items requires a brief analysis of what it is you have to sell. Do your jewelry pieces contain diamonds, are they antiques? How many pieces do you have, a large collection or an individual engagement ring? Answering these questions will help you determine which Jupiter jewelry buyer is the most appropriate option for you.
Types of buyers
There are over a half dozen different types of jewelry and diamond buyers in Jupiter, including pawn shops, cash for gold locations, jewelry stores, antique dealers, estate jewelry buyers, and diamond dealers. Each one specializing in certain types of jewelry.
Pawn shops and cash for gold locations mostly buy scrap jewelry and gold. These types of buyers are numerous and rely on the convenience of their location to attract Jupiter, FL customers. Jewelry stores usually buy all types of gold, and some diamonds. Estate buyers specialize in large jewelry collections, designer jewelry and antiques. Diamond dealers are specialized buyers who focus on buying large diamonds and engagement rings.
Once you have identified which buyer is best suited for the jewelry you have to sell, the next step is to research them. Look for online reviews to determine whether or not they have a good local reputation.
From there you will want to set up an appointment. If you are selling a diamond or diamond jewelry in Jupiter, you should inquire about whether or not their jewelry buyer is a certified gemologist. Most jewelry stores, pawn shops and gold buyers do not employ gemologists, so in the case of a valuable diamond ring, you may want to go elsewhere.
Remember, when selling your jewelry, you are in control. You should never feel any pressure to sell and should always search around for the best offer. Within the jewelry and diamond industries, negotiating is prevalent. Keep this in mind before accepting a bid from a Jupiter jewelry or diamond buyer, they may have room to improve their offer.
The last step is accepting payment. In the case of high value estate jewelry or diamonds, you should request a wire transfer or cashier’s check if cash is not an option.
Our jewelry buying services are available to the entire Jupiter, FL community. We specializing in buying diamond jewelry and estate jewelry. All of our jewelry buyers are GIA certified gemologists uniquely qualified to make offers for engagement rings and large diamonds.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • Main steam jewelry stores tend to manipulate the qualities and values on their appraisals in order to make it appear that you are getting great value.
  • Diamond settings tend to get loose over time. You should have your prongs readjusted every so often in order to prevent a loss.