“I want sell my jewelry in Lake Worth but I’m not sure of the best way to do so.” As a Lake Worth resident with a diamond ring or other valuable jewelry items to sell, this might be a question on your mind. Don’t worry, finding the best jewelry buyer in your area is simple.
You will need to determine which buyer is ideal for your specific items. For example:
– If you are selling a large amount of scrap gold or silver, your best option would probably be a national gold buyer or refiner, because they offer the highest rates for scrap metals.
– If your item is a diamond ring or diamond jewelry, you will want to meet with a qualified gemologist. These buyers are best suited to make offers for valuable diamonds and diamond jewelry.
When selling antique jewelry, you should try some local antique shops or jewelry stores who specialize in antiques. There is a strong resale market for certain styles of antique jewelry, so selling them to the average Lake Worth gold or diamond buyer would not be advisable.
After you have determined which buyer is best suited for your item, you should contact them and inquire about an estimate. At South Florida Jewelry Buyers, we are happy to provide our Lake Worth customers with estimates and even offers, depending on the amount of information available.
Our specialties
We are primarily diamond buyers, specializing in engagement rings and fine diamond jewelry. But, we are also qualified Lake Worth estate jewelry buyers purchasing anything from modern designer pieces, to century’s old antique jewelry. As diamond experts, we are your best option for selling a large or valuable diamond in Lake Worth.
Selling process
During the course of selling your jewelry in Lake Worth, we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all of your jewelry’s attributes. Our buyers make the selling process simple and informative by guiding you through, step by step. By the end of the consultation, you will have a full understanding of how we determined our offer.
We know that selling an engagement ring can be an emotional process. The main principles of our buying procedure are honesty and transparency. Our services are completely obligation free, and you will never be put under any pressure. In fact, all of our offers stand for one week, enabling you to make a stress free sale decision.
Make an appointment
If you are looking for the most appropriate place to sell a diamond or fine jewelry in Lake Worth, simply call us or fill out our contact form. Our jewelry buyers are on hand to answer any questions you may have about our services.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • If your jewelry was purchased within the last 3 months you may be able to return it for a full refund at the place of purchase.
  • Don’t discourage a potential buyer from removing a large diamond from its mounting. This will help him be more confident about its quality and more willing to offer greater value as a result.