Where can I Sell My Jewelry in Palm Beach?
If you are looking to sell your jewelry in Palm Beach, FL you have found the right place. Whether you are selling an engagement ring, diamond earrings other fine jewelry items we would like to make you a cash offer. Our off-site consultation service is available to all Palm Beach residents. This means that you can meet with our buyer at your preferred location within the Palm Beach area. This service aims to make the process of selling your jewelry as convenient as possible.
Sell Diamonds in Palm Beach
We specialize in buying diamonds. If you have diamonds or diamond jewelry to sell in Palm Beach please contact us. Our certified gemologists are experts in all modern diamond grading techniques. During your free consultation they will provide you with a detailed grading of any diamonds you are looking to sell. A full analysis of any large diamonds will be provided and when making our offer we will give you a detailed explanation of the factors which went into our valuation of your jewelry pieces. These factors include carats, clarity, cut and color.
Sell Fine Jewelry in Palm Beach
To receive a consultation in Palm Beach simply call us of fill out our contact form to the right and we will schedule you for an appointment. We offer to send a certified gemologist to Palm Beach residents in order to make a cash offer to individuals looking to sell their used diamonds, gold, platinum or other fine jewelry. During the consultation you are able to have a no obligation meeting with our representative who will value and make a cash offer for your jewelry and/or diamonds. We also offer trades from our extensive inventory if you are looking to exchange your old jewelry for new or more modern pieces.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • Don’t let an unknown buyer take a loose diamond out of your sight, especially if it is not certified.
  • Always ask questions during the consultation. This information may help you down the road if you ever are in the market to purchase a diamond again.