How to sell Jewelry
The first step you should take when searching for a Jewelry Buyer in Plantation is to research potential buyers. Locate all of your local options including jewelry stores and gold buyers. You should then take a look at their reviews and professional associations. At South Florida Jewelry Buyers, we have a great online reputation, along with a number of professional associations including the Better Business Bureau and Jewelers Board of Trade.
Your next step in the process of selling your jewelry in Plantation is to schedule a consultation. Make sure they accept appointments and, if you are selling diamonds, that all of their jewelry buyers are gemologists. This is especially important if you are selling a valuable engagement ring or diamond ring, because you will want to be sure their buyer is qualified to make you an offer. We supply a free, no-obligation consultation service to all of our Plantation clients with jewelry or diamonds to sell. This service enables you to meet with our buyers at your preferred location within Plantation.
All of our diamond buyers are GIA certified gemologists with decades of diamond buying experience. During the consultation, they will deliver a full analysis of your items before presenting our offer.
Finally, you will want to inquire about their buying process. What are the terms of their offer and how do they submit payment. We provide immediate payment, (Up to $250,000), through a cashiers or business check, depending on your preference. You are never put under any pressure, and all of our offers for jewelry or diamonds stand for one week, enabling you to confirm that our purchase price is the best available.
Diamond Buyers
When selling a valuable diamond or engagement ring in Plantation, it is important that you go to the jewelry buyer best suited for your item. Most gold buyers or local Plantation jewelry stores are unable to properly value diamonds. They usually flip them to larger, more qualified diamond buyers, enabling them to quickly turn a profit. We are a large scale diamond supplier, constantly looking to add new diamonds to our inventory. All of our buyers are diamond experts, capable of providing extremely confident evaluations of your diamonds which reflect their maximum possible resale value. Because of our position within the industry, we are constantly monitoring market prices in order to ensure our offers for your diamonds or engagement rings can’t be beat.
If you have a certified diamond or engagement ring to sell in Plantation, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate or offer prior to the actual appointment. Simply provide us with your diamond’s details and our gemologist will give you a quote over the phone or by email.
Making an appointment
In order to start the process of selling your jewelry today, simply call 305 577 3596 or fill out one of the quick estimate forms. Our jewelry buyers are standing by to schedule you for a consultation in Plantation, FL at your convenience.
Jewelry Selling Tips
    • You can inspect a diamond for inclusions yourself. All you need is a loupe or magnifying glass which produces 10X magnification. If you are able to see any inclusions easily, your diamonds clarity grade is most likely SI1 or lower.
  • Diamonds always have value, no matter how small or poor in quality. If they are not suitable for jewelry, they have many industrial applications.