You have a few options when searching for a jewelry buyer in West Palm Beach. These include jewelry stores, pawn shops, cash for gold locations and other specialized buyers. Each has its own pros and cons, but finding the right one can mean a difference in thousands of dollars when selling valuable jewelry or diamonds. Here is a list of the most common jewelry buyers found in this area.
Pawn Shops are general buyers with no real specialty. They rarely purchase valuable diamonds and usually stick to scarp gold or lower value jewelry. The only reason to sell your jewelry to a pawn shop in West Palm Beach would be if you were interested in a loan, as opposed to selling it outright.
Cash for Gold businesses are not as prevalent in the West Palm Beach area as they once were, but there are still a number of them. While they do advertise for diamonds, they are primarily gold and silver buyers. The values they offer are typically around 60-70% of your metals full scrap value.
Jewelry stores can be a good place to sell estate jewelry or designer pieces in West Palm Beach. While the rates they pay for metals is around what a cash for gold business would pay, they do account for gemstones or diamonds when formulating their offer. However, their buyers are rarely gemologists and, in the case of large diamonds or engagement rings, they usually flip their purchases directly to a diamond specialist. One other possible benefit of selling your jewelry to a West Palm Beach jewelry store is that they may offer a consignment option. This enables you to put your jewelry in their showcase as you wait for them to sell it.
We are a large scale jewelry buyer who services the entire West Palm Beach community. Our jewelry buyers consist of a team of highly skilled gemologists. This fact makes us the most qualified diamond buyer in Florida. In the diamond resale market, we are the end destination, often purchasing diamonds and diamond jewelry from jewelry stores and other second hand dealers. Our buyers monitor market conditions on a daily basis to ensure that we are able to offer the highest prices for our West Palm Beach customer’s diamonds.
As diamond buyers, we are happy to offer our West Palm Beach clients with the full melt value, (refiner level payout) for any gold, platinum or silver which they are selling along with a 1/2 carat or larger diamond. This price is more then you could get from any other jewelry buyer in West Palm Beach.
Our services include free, no obligation off-site consultations for any clients looking to sell their jewelry within the West Palm Beach area. If you are selling a diamond ring, estate jewelry or any other fine jewelry pieces, this enables you to meet with our professional buyer at the local location which is most convenient to you. To schedule an appointment just call or fill out the contact form.