• They were very great to work with and actually took the time to tell me everything about my mom’s old diamond ring. I did what I was supposed to and got a few quotes around town and they gave me the highest price. Very happy!

    Jiang G.

  • My engagement ended a few months ago and I was in the market to sell/trade my wedding band as well as the engagement ring. I did some research about what the rings were worth and what a fair price would be to sell or trade them for. I first brought the jewelry to a jewelry exchange but felt like they were trying to take advantage of me and low ball me on the prices. When I eventually came across South Florida Jewelers, they were very easy to work with and I had a great and comfortable buisness experience with Brad. He gave me a fair price on the rings and met me in a convenient location near my house (Starbucks). I would definately recommend that anyone who is looking to sell or trade their jewelry to check out South Florida Jewelry.

    P. Staiano

  • I did some research online, made a call, arrived to meet the owner himself, Bradley Ballen in his office at the Seybold building, here in Miami. I had a very straight forward conversation on many of my family heirlooms, as he weighed & examined each piece that I brought in with me this day. His South African, no nonsense, charms won me over, along with his professionalism. I felt I was given an honest offer and made the deal, walking out with a check in my pocket… but more importantly, a good feeling in my heart after letting go of items that once held so much meaning to us.
    Thank you, Brad.
    If I can find any more treasures, I will return with confidence and look forward to meeting you once again!!

    KK Miami

  • Reasonable quotes, very honest people. Highly recommended! Thanks Brad!

    Nichole R.

  • Almost sold my diamond earrings to a pawn shop but they only offered $25. Ended up at south florida jewelry buyers and they actually gave me a fair offer. Glad I didn’t take the first offer I got!

    Chad W.

  • I had some jewelry sitting around at home that I wanted to sell, but I didn’t want to just give it away. My friend recommended South Florida Jewelry Buyers because they sold a diamond there a few months back and got a great price. So I took in my gold jewelry and they gave me a much higher offer than the pawn shop I tried. Definitely recommend these guys, they’re really fair and easy to work with.

    Google User

  • I discovered South Florida Jewlery Buyers after shopping around at other diamond dealers. I felt like the other dealers were trying to rip me off and eventually I found South Florida Jewelry Buyers’ website online. Working with Brad was a convenient and easy experience. He met me here in Coral Springs which saved me the hassle of dealing with Miami traffic. He also gave me a fair price and I felt comfortable doing buisness with him. If anyone is in the market to sell their diamonds and other jewelry I would definately recommend you look into South Florida Jewelry Buyers.

    Google User

  • I sold my diamond wedding ring here after I got divorced and they gave me the best offer. Definitely made a difficult experience mcuh easier for me.

    Theresa B.